My Dad Used To Tell Me To Touch His ‘MJULUA’ And He Paid Me Ksh. 100: Poor Girl Cries Out

As indicated by grace her mom became ill and she was admitted to hospital when she was in class three and she was left with her two siblings and his dad.

Grace says that since she was the only girl in the house she used to prepare dinner and afterward her siblings would come to cook,on this specific day her dad came from the hospital and requested that she go to his room after she was finished going about her house chores.

A girl by the name Grace wanjiku from limuru has narrated how she went through hell in the hands of his own father after her mom died when she was in class three.

Since she didn’t have any thoughts that her father would hurt her she innocently went to his room and that when told her that since her mom isn’t at home he wanted her to touch his private organs and he will pay her 100sh every time he touches him.

Grace says that on that day he fled and went to her neighbor and spent the night there however she never open up to anybody, and in the morning her mom died and that when things turned out to be worse for her.

She says that she felt so frightened and that when she let her neighbor know who informed the police however they never did anything and she was forced to tell her grandmother who took her in and started taking care of her.

Grace says that it truly hurt her so much to see a man who she thinks can protect her doing the unthinkable to her.