Boutross Munene Addresses His Leaked Intimate Photos, “It Was Four Years Ago.”

Over the weekend, Boutross Munene, the popular Kenyan musician, became a topic of discussion after intimate photos of him were leaked online. It is alleged that the images were initially released on Telegram by blogger Edgar Obare before they were shared on other social media platforms.

According to the blogger, the pictures were sent to him by a lady who claimed that Boutross had only paid her a meagre sum after a one-night-stand while in Mombasa. “The story goes like this: Boutross Munene had a one-night-stand in Mombasa, but he only paid the woman 4,000 KES. As revenge, she exposed his nudes,” reported the blogger.

Despite speculation that the photos were taken in the past due to the absence of a tattoo, which he currently bears, Boutross remained silent about the matter until Monday when he took to Instagram to say that he was moving on without any stress. “Bila stress na move bado,” he wrote.

The post elicited various reactions from his followers, with some expressing disappointment in the lady who leaked the photos and others advising men to be cautious around women.

In conclusion, Boutross Munene’s leaked intimate photos caused quite a stir on social media, but the musician has since spoken out, stating that he is moving forward without any stress.