Andrew Kibe Says I Don’t Care About Jeff’s Death As He Accuses People Of Selective Outrage

Andrew Kibe, a content creator, has criticized those who are canceling Kikuyu celebrities for not speaking out on Jeff’s death, stating that most people are only doing it due to societal pressure and not because they genuinely care.

Kibe went further to say that he does not care about Jeff’s death or Fatxo’s involvement, as he did not know either of them, and he never met them. He challenged those who want to unfollow or cancel him for his remarks to do so.

Kibe added that the outrage on social media would not give him sleepless nights or stop him from going about his business.

Meanwhile, DJ Fatxo is losing subscribers on his YouTube page following rising anger about the mysterious death of Jeff Mwathi. Social media users have named Fatxo as a person of interest after suspicious events leading up to Jeff plunging from Fatxo’s 12th-floor apartment.

Internet sleuths have noticed that DJ Fatxo’s YouTube subscriber numbers are shrinking. By the last count, an Instagram page tracking the count revealed that the page had lost about 2,000 subscribers since the scandal went mainstream a couple of days ago. The page currently has 148,000 subscribers, down from its previous count of 150,000.

Calls for justice for the late Jeff Mwathi, who mysteriously fell from multiple floors of a residential building around USIU, have gotten so loud that the Interior Security ministry was forced to weigh in.

CS Kithure Kinidki spoke out publicly about the death of the 24-year-old, which has roped in popular jockey DJ Fatxo as a person of interest. The death has been reported as a suicide in certain quarters, but Jeff’s father has denied that premise.

Kenyans online have also harbored strong suspicions of foul play involving DJ Fatxo, whose house it was that Jeff fell from. Some unsavory information about Fatxo’s alleged sexual deviances also circulated on Twitter after facts emerged that Jeff’s trousers were found pulled down to his knees, pointing to a possible crime of passion angle. The hashtag #JusticeForJeff has trended for the last 48 hours.

CS Kinidki has now assured the public that this mystery will be solved, and the country’s best investigators will be put on the case. “On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, I’ve spoken to DCI Amin and instructed him to send a homicide team from DCI HQ’s to thoroughly investigate the incident and take necessary action,” CS Kindiki said today.