Krg The Don:” Nilikuwa Napea My Wife Kila Kitu Lakini Akaenda Ku ‘Twa Twa’ Na Mtu Wa Bedsitter”

Krg the Don, a prominent and controversial dancehall artist in Kenya, is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with his ex-wife, Linah. Despite having legally separated a year ago, the divorce is still pending judgement. In the meantime, Krg has publicly denounced Linah’s past behavior during their relationship.

According to Krg, he had provided Linah with everything, including a lavish lifestyle in a multimillion-dollar mansion in one of Nairobi’s posh suburbs, as well as a significant amount of money. Despite this, Linah engaged in promiscuous behavior with numerous men, including those in bedsitters. Krg even received a call informing him that Linah had been caught sleeping with someone else’s husband in Ruaka.

Furthermore, Krg claimed that Linah would go to local clubs, get drunk, and engage in inappropriate sexual behavior with random men. Krg expressed concern that Linah’s promiscuity put him and their children at risk of contracting dangerous diseases. Despite Krg’s attempts to reason with Linah, she refused to change her ways, leading to their eventual separation and divorce.

Krg reassured the public that he is currently doing well and taking good care of his children. He intends to marry another woman after the divorce is finalized.