Kenyan DJ Joe Mfalme arrested over Death of DCI officer

Renowned Kenyan DJ, DJ Joe Mfalme, also known as Joseph Mwenda, finds himself in legal trouble as he is currently under police custody following the unfortunate demise of a DCI officer stationed at the Kabete Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Inspector Felix Kelian Kentos met his untimely end on March 16, 2024, and DJ Joe Mfalme, along with three other individuals, has been apprehended as suspects in connection with the incident.

The group includes three police officers, indicating a complex situation within law enforcement circles. DJ Joe Mfalme, his bouncer, driver, and photographer were taken into custody by Kabete police station detectives on Friday. They stand accused of allegedly assaulting and causing severe harm to the DCI officer.

The altercation reportedly transpired after the officer was involved in a minor traffic incident around 4 am in Kikuyu. Unfortunately, the encounter escalated into a physical confrontation resulting in grave injuries to the officer.

Tragically, the DCI officer succumbed to his injuries on Friday while undergoing treatment at Nairobi West Hospital. His body currently rests at Umash Funeral Home, awaiting further investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

As legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits answers and resolution in this somber affair involving individuals from disparate walks of life.