Otile Brown Reveals Why He Refused to be in Coke Studio Season Two -

Otile Brown Reveals Why He Refused to be in Coke Studio Season Two

Kenyan musician, Otile Brown, recently disclosed the reasons behind his decision to withdraw from participating in the second season of Coke Studio. While actively promoting his latest release, “Confessions,” Otile took the opportunity to interact with his fans on social media. During this exchange, a fan inquired about his thoughts on the selection process for Kenyan artists in Coke Studio Season Two.

In response, the singer candidly expressed his viewpoint, stating, “Lol, they haven’t met my price yet. They should take those who are willing to go.” Otile conveyed that he believes the right compensation has not been offered to him, hence his decision to decline the opportunity.

Out of all the Kenyan artists, Nikita Kering and Khaligraph Jones have been chosen to feature in the upcoming season of Coke Studio. However, it’s worth noting that other artists such as Willy Paul and Scar Mkadinali have publicly voiced their discontent with the selection for the 2023 edition. Both artists expressed their frustration through strong and critical comments shared online.

Willy Paul, in particular, questioned the selection criteria used to choose artists, especially since he has consistently achieved high rankings on various music charts. His comments imply a sense of disappointment and confusion regarding the decision-making process.