Bena wa Malines: Reason I Went Silent, They Demanded Ksh.800,000 After Hacking My social Accounts. -

Bena wa Malines: Reason I Went Silent, They Demanded Ksh.800,000 After Hacking My social Accounts.

Renowned online content creator Bena Wa Malines, who skyrocketed to internet stardom in 2022 with his uproarious catchphrase “Pulahia Maisha,” has emerged from a period of silence, during which he was absent from the public eye.

For approximately two months, Bena disappeared from his usual social media haunts, namely Facebook and Instagram, and remained sporadic in his online presence, primarily relying on YouTube as his sole active platform.

The sudden absence of Bena raised a ruckus online, with some Kenyan netizens speculating that his silence was due to a dearth of fresh content to share.

In an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve Media, Bena disclosed the reason behind his uncharacteristic silence: his Instagram and Facebook accounts had fallen victim to a hacking incident. The hackers boldly demanded a sum of Ksh.800,000 to relinquish control of his compromised accounts.

This challenging episode marked a profoundly distressing period in Bena’s life. Despite the setback, he remained undaunted and reached out to the renowned actor Daddie Marto, who lent a helping hand in the recovery of his pilfered accounts. Remarkably, Bena managed to reclaim his accounts without succumbing to the hackers’ demands. However, a new setback awaited him: his accounts were shadow banned, rendering his content invisible to the masses. Faced with this obstacle, Bena chose to limit his engagement on these platforms for a duration of two months.

Bena recounted the considerable losses he incurred during this trying time, estimating the financial toll to exceed Ksh.100,000. Nevertheless, he utilized this period of adversity to nurture his YouTube channel, which became his mainstay during the hiatus from his other social media platforms.

Now, Bena stands resolute and triumphant, poised to make a dynamic comeback. He is determined to grace his social media accounts with a stream of compelling content, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to entertain and engage his devoted audience.