At only thirty years, Harrison has left tongues wagging with his new lifestyle.

Harrison is a young man in his thirties enjoying life to the fullest, if what he has achieved in just a short time is anything we can judge him by.

After buying a brand New Jeep car from his business ventures, Harrison has yet another heartwarming achievement for himself that has left many Kenyans admiring his determination to lead a successful and happy life while not forgetting his mother.

He shared photos of a newly built mansion on his Facebook page with its captions revealing it was a gift for his mom as she turned 57-years for the sacrifices she made for him to succeed.

“To you my only Mama, I gift you this during your 57th birthday, thank you for all your sacrifices,” Carson captioned the photo.”

For those of you who know Harrison, his inspiring story is not new but to those who just learnt about him, we hope his story will motivate you to face life’s challenges without fear.

In his initial story, the astute businessman not only attributed his success to the sacrifices his mother had made and his burning desire to finish school but also to what he referred to as ‘Success Spell Casting’.

According to him, before things were good, he only had two options to choose from after passing his KCPE, to either join carpentry school which was his father’s idea or sell their homestead for fees. Luckily her mother struggled through thick and thin until he finished school. She sacrificed selling part of their plot for his school fees. This was one difficult moment where his late father almost divorced the mother.

Thank God after college, a friend to his mother introduced them to one of the most influential herbal doctors by the name Mugwenu who then cast spells into his life.

Money started coming in everyday and life suddenly changed making him one of the youngest millionaires in town today. He started buying properties here and there and life took a sudden new turn. He put up a house for his lovely mother. What Are the Top Ugandan Celebrities Driving In 2021? - SatisFashion Uganda

Harrison said the new house was a gift for his mom as she turned 57-years for the sacrifices she made for him.

“Dad (may his soul RIP) wanted me to join carpentry instead. Mum insisted I had to join high school even if it means selling our homestead and becoming homeless. Mum won,” he said.

This young man is now one of the happiest guys and has even gone to his Facebook Page with a post that has fetched more that 1.8 million comments. It read:

“Though many people still think witchcraft is not important, I had to be cleaned by the witchdoctor’s Real Magic Spells to be where I am today. Witches can better be fought with another,” he posted and reactions started to follow in.

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