I busted my husband having sex wit my daughter’s teacher in his car

My name is Victoria and I was married to my husband, Peter, for nine years where we both had a seven-year-old daughter called Shelmith. We were both excited that our daughter was doing well in school because she always emerged number one.

I used to be the one taking her to and from school because my husband always said he was busy. One day, however, I got unwell and asked him to prepare Shelmith and take her to school since I was having a very strong headache. Black Couple Fighting Images – Browse 48,758 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

My hubby gladly took my daughter to school and he came home one hour later which was odd because my daughter’s school was not far off. After he came home, he told me that he had loved the experience of taking Shelmith to school and he would take her to school every other day.

I was happy that he had decided to take charge of his daughter’s education since I had tried to convince him to take my daughter to school before but he had blatantly refused. Few weeks of escorting her to school that I started being concerned after he started coming home a few hours later and lie to me that traffic had delayed him.

One day, someone called him on his cell phone just a few moments before taking of our daughter to school and asked him why he had been late.

“I am coming, don’t worry. We will meet in our usual place and have a good time,” he replied to the caller while whispering but I managed to hear him.

I knew something fishy was definitely going on behind my back. He left the house with Shelmith and I was left stressed. I knew he was an affair with some one whom he was meeting after dropping my daughter to school.

I went to chama that evening and I told some women of my suspicions that my husband was cheating. One of them suggested that I visit Doctor Mugwenu before my marriage broke because the doctor helped wives catch cheating husbands and vice versa. Page 2 | Black Couple Arguing Images - Free Download on Freepik

Since I was growing increasingly suspicious, I decided to give Doctor Mugwenu a call on +254 740637248 and when I talked to him that evening, he told me to meet him the next day since he would help me catch my cheating spouse.

I met him and he did some love spells and explained that when my husband would cheat on me he would get stuck into the woman he was having sex with and that is how I could net him. He further told me that his spells act in less than 24 hours.

True to his words, in less than 24 hours I caught my husband. This is how it happened: It was just twenty minutes after he had taken my daughter to school with his car that I began hearing wails just outside the gate. I rushed outside and on checking, the screams were coming from a nearby thicket and everybody was rushing to get a glimpse of what was going on.

Only reaching the bush, I saw my husband’s car and people gathered around it. It was then that I learnt he was having sex with my daughter’s teacher and she was the one he had been cheating with all this time by picking her up and going to have sex in the car. They were so humiliated since they were stuck together.

I called Doctor Mugwenu and I thanked him for helping me catch the two cheaters. My husband came begging me on his knees to forgive him and I decided to do so. The teacher was so embarrassed and ran away to another town. I have never seen her since then.

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