Teacher commits suicide after being rejected by girlfriend, asks to be buried on Valentine’s Day with ex-girlfriend reading the eulogy

A teacher from Embu tragically took his own life following rejection by his partner. In a poignant farewell letter, he expressed the unbearable pain of witnessing his partner’s affection for another man, leading him to the heartbreaking decision to end his life.

The teacher articulated his deep desire to be laid to rest on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at Kavenpero in Ithapu, alongside his partner, whom he specifically asked to deliver his eulogy.

In his farewell note, he revealed his desperate attempts to find peace, stating, “I decided to take my own life to find peace. I tried everything possible, but it was all in vain.”

The teacher also implored his family to investigate the possibility of any children outside their relationship and, if found, to allocate his assets to them.

The responsibility for the funeral arrangements fell upon two family members from the county assembly, who were given strict instructions to incorporate the teacher’s photo into the program.

The letter shed light on the teacher’s outreach efforts, disclosing that he had sought solace by confiding in 17 friends about his relationship struggles. Sadly, none of them offered a listening ear or provided guidance. He lamented, “I may look stupid, but I have shared my stress with 17 people, none talked to me. Let’s meet in heaven.”

Oga Obinna expressed his perspective on the tragic incident, emphasizing the need for open communication among men. He lamented the loss of another life due to the lack of caring and listening, urging men to break the cycle of silence and support each other through emotional and financial challenges.