Herbalist Impregnates Female Customer, Fights With Her Husband Over Baby’s Ownership

A woman who sought the services of a herbalist has been reportedly found pregnant for the herbalist, sparking a tumultuous dispute over the child’s paternity. This incident unfolded in a location within Ogun state, plunging the woman’s husband, Siriku Olaleye, into a bewildering state of confusion and a contentious battle with Lamidi Ifaloba, the herbalist, regarding the child’s parentage….CONTINUE READING

During an interview with The Nation, the husband disclosed that he had a minor disagreement with his wife, leading her to retreat to her parents’ home. To his astonishment, he later discovered that his son was allegedly fathered by the nearby village herbalist.

However, Ifaloba asserted that Olaleye’s wife enticed him into a romantic encounter on the night she left her husband’s house, claiming that she wished to assess her fertility.

In an interview, Siriku Olaleye expressed, “I am no longer interested in reconciling with my wife, but I desire custody of my son. Hence, I am reaching out to the public to dissuade Ifaloba from claiming what rightfully belongs to me after his involvement with my wife. He cannot take my wife and also take my son.”

In response, the herbalist recounted that Olaleye’s wife sought refuge at his house in the middle of the night after being chased out by her husband during a quarrel.

He stated, “Actually, his wife ran to my house in the night and accused her husband of beating her over a disagreement. The weather was chilly that night, and I suggested she stay until the next morning while I attended to some matters. However, she confided in me, suspecting her husband’s infertility and expressing a desire to test her fertility.”

Explaining further, Ifaloba recounted, “As I attempted to leave the room, she pulled me towards her and requested intimacy, claiming it was for the purpose of testing her fertility. I was taken aback and hesitant to raise the alarm to avoid involving the neighbors, considering a past false accusation against me for a similar incident. Consequently, we engaged in the act that night.”

He continued, “Later, she returned, asserting that our intimacy had led to her pregnancy. I informed her of my intention to assume custody of the child resulting from the pregnancy.”

Ifaloba disclosed that he lost contact with her for a period, during which he faced difficulties. Seeking guidance from the Ifa oracle, he was informed that the root cause of his troubles was the absence of his love child in his custody.

Convinced of his paternal claim, he approached her parents in Iwo, Osun State, narrating the events that transpired. According to him, they assured him of his right to custody, acknowledging him as the biological father of the boy.