Drama as thieves eat grass after stealing a wealthy man’s business merchandise

Residents of Nyeri were this morning left stunned after they woke up and found three men eating grass in the town center. The three men had reportedly stolen the goods of Karanja who was a wealthy man in Nyeri town.

Two days before, they broke into Karanja’s cosmetic shop which was operated by his wife and they stole everything including the money that Karanja’s wife had left in the shop. They left the couple’s shop without anything. portrait of heart broken woman crying - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The next morning, Karanja reported the matter to the police who said they would investigate and give him a feedback. On going to check the matter that evening he found the police had not even started investigating since they were also handling other cases.

“Relax boss, sai tuko na kazi mingi na tuta shughulikia kesi yako kutoka next week,” the policemen told him.

He was so devastated since the cosmetics shop was their main source of livelihood. On reaching home, Karanja called his mother and told him about the robbery that had happened and left them without anything to sell to their customers.

His mother was so shocked and asked him to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would speedily handle the problem since the police would end up disappointing him if he trusted them.

“My son, go and see Doctor Mugwenu who will punish those thieves and make them bring back your merchandise,” his mother told him. He called Doctor Mugwenu and they immediately set up an appointment that evening.

On visiting Doctor Mugwenu, he performed spells that would locate the thieves and make them eat grass and also return his goods. The doctor further assured him his spells would work speedily in less than 24 hours. close-up of worried woman looking away - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The following morning, Karanja was given a phone call by some of his friends who asked him to rush since the thieves had brought back his items. He rushed to his shop together with his wife and they found all their merchandise just in front of the shop’s door.

The three thieves were eating grass while crying saying they were sorry for stealing. Karanja later asked Doctor Mugwenu to reverse the spell and after it was reversed, the thieves were given a beating by the locals and taken to the police station. Karanja was so happy that the Doctor had helped him.

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