“I Will Impregnate Eve In 2028 Since We Are Young We Want To Finish School, Have Money” Trevor Says

YouTube content creator Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor both had a Q and A session on Instagram stories today, and they responded to some of the questions asked by their fans. One fan asked Trevor when he will Impregnate Eve, and he said he will do so in the year 2028. Trevor revealed that they are still too young, and they first want to make money and finish school.

You should know that relationships is not an easy matter, therefore you should take it with a lot of keenness. You should never be in a hurry to have children in relationships, because they say there is time for everything.

You should never be in a hurry to make your partner pregnant, so you must be ready for it. You should focus first on the things that will build your careers, and you should also find other means to make clean money.

You should know that it is very difficult to live on one type of income, because you will have difficulties in taking care of the pregnancies. You should know that all pregnancies come with a big cost, and you must be ready to handle it.

You should know that a lot of pregnant women always demand a lot of things especially food from their partners, so you should be ready to take care of that need. We all know that you can’t take care of a pregnant woman, if you are very poor and you have no money.

You should know that you will have to take your pregnant woman to the hospital, and you will require money to do it. You should know that you will also need a lot of money, so that you can provide for the baby once it is born.

You always think twice, before you make a girl pregnant. You will need resources, so that you can take care of the pregnancy. Many people have decided to stay low for a while, so that they can focus on their future. They will look for a child later when they are financially well off.