In USA I Used To Be Paid Ksh.1800 Per Hour, Kuosha Wazungu Wanyanyez ‘Matanye’.Steph Kapela reveals

One of Kenya’s most renowned musicians, the legendary Steph Kapela, recently opened up about his life in the United States.

During an interview with Mwafreeka on the popular Iko nini show, Kapela shared that he had left Kenya for the USA in pursuit of better opportunities, fueled by the hope that it would be a life-changing experience. In order to secure a job, Kapela took the unconventional route of obtaining a working permit through illegal means. After a brief month of studying CNL (presumably a specific field of study), he landed a job caring for elderly individuals.

In the United States, the elderly population significantly outweighs the youth, creating a demand for caregivers. Despite the challenging and often unpleasant nature of the work, providing assistance to the aging population proved to be a relatively accessible and reasonably well-paying job. Kapela recounted the difficulties he faced in his role, which included tasks such as washing the elderly, attending to their bodily waste, and catering to their every need.

Steph Kapela earned $12 per hour during his time in this role, equivalent to approximately Ksh. 1800, a substantial amount in the Kenyan context. Although the work was demanding, Kapela persevered as it was the only employment opportunity available to him under his work permit.

Eventually, he made the decision to leave the caregiving job and actively sought alternative employment opportunities. After spending a considerable amount of time in the United States, Kapela returned to Kenya to resume his music career, marking a pivotal moment in his life journey.