Retired Police Builds Lavish Grave of Seven Million Shillings and Buys a Three Million Shilling Coffin as Preparations for His Death

Mr. Sabasita’s decision to construct an extravagant grave and purchase an expensive coffin while he is still alive may seem unusual to many, but it reflects a personal choice driven by unique reasons and experiences.

The retired police officer, having witnessed the difficulties and financial burdens associated with the funerals of his late parents, chose to take proactive measures to plan for his eventual demise. His elaborate grave and coffin are intended to preemptively address the challenges he observed, with the goal of reducing the burden on his family.

By investing time and resources into this endeavor while he is still in good health, Mr. Sabasita aims to alleviate the practical and financial aspects of his funeral arrangements. This decision also serves as a reminder to people about the inevitability of death and the importance of preparing for it.

While some might view his actions as eccentric, Mr. Sabasita asserts that he is of sound mind and emphasizes the rationale behind his choices. Additionally, he clarifies that, aside from the grave and coffin, he has not made any other preparations for his eventual passing, except for the ongoing process of preparing his will with the assistance of legal experts.

This unique approach to funeral planning reflects an individual’s proactive mindset, shaped by personal experiences and a desire to ensure a smoother transition for loved ones when the time comes.