‘Your man is the criminal, not the side chick!’ Maina advises women

Maina Kageni recently questioned women’s actions when they discover their men have cheated on them. He highlighted a case where a lady allegedly assaulted a female security guard in Nairobi, suspecting her of involvement with her man.

Maina asked, “Why do women confront the other woman and resort to physical violence, even to the extent of using acid?”

Mwalimu Kingangi pointed out that such actions are criminal offenses, expressing bewilderment about the behavior. Maina reminded women that the man is the one at fault, not the innocent woman.

A caller chimed in, suggesting that men play a role in these situations, humorously saying, “Ladies can’t live without us!”

Another caller focused on finding happiness in relationships, indicating a willingness to seek happiness elsewhere if the man misbehaves.

Bella Ndichu emphasized that women should address the issue with the man rather than creating enmity with an unwitting party.

Joe Njihia echoed Maina’s sentiment, putting the blame on the man for his actions.

McDarlin pointed out that the real issue may lie with the woman’s failure to fulfill her responsibilities in the relationship.

Sue Mathai expressed her reluctance to fight over a man and stressed the importance of focusing on personal growth and financial independence.

Kendi Kip Evans suggested that women should self-reflect and make improvements instead of attacking another woman.

Ziporah Mumbuu humorously commented on the impracticality of fighting numerous women and advised focusing on personal growth.

MC Tonje emphasized the emotional pain that women experience in such situations, noting that the incident with the security guard is just one example of extreme reactions.