Krg The Don:Man Earning Ksh.100K Monthly hafai kuDate, Hio ni Pesa Kidogo Sana.

One of Kenya’s most renowned and contentious celebrities, the dancehall artist known as Krg the Don, recently ignited a firestorm online with his provocative remarks about men earning a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000.

In a candid exchange during a street quiz session with the well-known TikToker Kingbizzy, Krg the Don was posed a seemingly straightforward question: If a man is earning Ksh. 100,000 per month, what should his partner’s monthly earnings be for the relationship to thrive harmoniously?

Krg the Don’s reaction was swift and acerbic. He expressed astonishment at the notion of a man earning a mere Ksh. 100,000 per month and retorted in a biting manner. He questioned how a grown man could be content with such a modest income, suggesting that such an amount indicated a lack of ambition and a significant degree of laziness.

According to Krg the Don, men earning Ksh. 100,000 per month are ill-suited for romantic involvement and should refrain from pursuing relationships, as this income is insufficient to support a woman in their lives. He further emphasized that such earnings would barely suffice for a single week’s worth of expenses.

Krg the Don urged men to take charge of their financial prospects and aim for more substantial monthly earnings. In his opinion, a monthly income of 100K should ideally be allocated to purchasing utility tokens, as it holds minimal potential for contributing positively to a relationship—especially considering the challenging economic climate.

This statement by Krg the Don is nothing short of confrontational, especially when considering recent research conducted by a specific organization. The study unveiled that fewer than 100,000 individuals in Kenya are privileged to earn a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000, signifying that the majority of employees fall short of this benchmark.