Rosa Ree : Timmy Tdat Alionja Rosecoco Yangu Akaisha Kimziki. -

Rosa Ree : Timmy Tdat Alionja Rosecoco Yangu Akaisha Kimziki.

The Tanzanian rapper and singer, Rosa Ree, who has often found herself at the center of controversy, has once again ignited online discussions with the release of her latest song, titled ‘Rosecoco.’ In this song, she takes aim at Kenyan musicians, reigniting the ongoing Kenya-Tanzania musical rivalry that was initially sparked by Khaligraph Jones. Notably, Kenyans humorously nicknamed Rosa Ree “Rosecoco,” a slang term referring to women’s intimate anatomy.

In her song, Rosa Ree doesn’t hold back in offering her perspective on why Timmy Tdat faced a decline in the music industry. Rosa Ree claims that her involvement with Timmy Tdat led him astray from his music career, diverting his focus towards other matters, ultimately causing his disappearance from the music scene.

It’s worth noting that Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree had once enjoyed a strong musical chemistry, collaborating on several memorable tracks. Their last joint effort, titled “Vitamin U,” stirred controversy and even faced a ban in Kenya due to its explicit content. The music video featured Rosa Ree and Timmy Tdat in an intimate bathtub scene without clothing, a factor that significantly impacted Timmy Tdat’s reputation in the industry.

Since that incident, Timmy Tdat has continued to release new music, but his tracks no longer achieve the same viral success they once did, signifying a shift in his career trajectory.