Meet Olive Gachara, the youngest KCB Lions Den Investor, who deferred college studies to venture in modeling business

Olive Gachara, a driven and self-motivated entrepreneur, embarked on her modeling business journey at the young age of 19, right after completing high school. Her success in the industry is evident through her investments in the Lion’s Den, showcasing her financial prowess.

Gachara deserves immense credit for her achievements. While many individuals are still in the process of figuring out their goals and aspirations at the age of 30, she has already received numerous honors and accolades.

Rather than immediately pursuing higher education, Gachara made the bold decision to defer her college studies and fully commit herself to establishing her own modeling business, Kinky. Despite studying sales and marketing concurrently, she dedicated her time and energy to running the agency.

The path to success was not without its challenges, as deferring university studies was not an easy choice. Even her parents and others questioned her decision. However, her agency eventually gained momentum and flourished.

“The modeling business grew rapidly, taking me by surprise. We began promoting events such as supermarkets and later fashion shows,” Gachara explained. This rapid growth led her to become a fashion stylist, a role that came naturally to her due to her previous experience styling models, creating portfolios, and doing their makeup.

Gachara’s expanding business profile has earned her the trust and confidence of several leading African companies. Renowned firms like KPMG and Barclays seek her services through Olive Gachara Kenya.

Her offerings to clients include communication skills, personal branding, professional image development, and etiquette training. Through these services, Gachara helps her clients enhance their overall presence and make a lasting impression in their respective industries.

In conclusion, Olive Gachara’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her determination and drive. Despite deferring her studies, she has achieved remarkable success in the modeling industry and garnered the support of esteemed companies. Gachara’s expertise in various areas, such as fashion styling and personal branding, makes her a valuable asset to her clients.