Women throw undies at Eric Omondi for arriving late at show -

Women throw undies at Eric Omondi for arriving late at show

Eric Omondi, a popular comedian, shared a video on Instagram, which he later deleted, depicting a peculiar incident that occurred during a comedy show in Kampala. The video showed Ugandan women throwing undergarments at him after he nearly missed the event.

In the footage, Omondi can be seen humorously collecting the panties and exhibiting them to the amused crowd. However, it remains unclear whether this was a scripted comedic act or an authentic occurrence.

In the caption accompanying the video, Omondi claimed that the undergarments were tossed at him as a consequence of his delayed arrival to the show. Prior to his departure from the country, the comedian had expressed on his social media that he had missed his flight.

Subsequently, he mentioned making phone calls and procuring a private jet to reach his destination. He shared his experience with a touch of pride, stating, “Missed my flight to Kampala, Uganda yesterday morning, but PRESIDENT is PRESIDENT. A few phone calls and we take off and land privately in the Pearl of Africa. Got there late but got there anyway.”

More recently, during an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Omondi expressed his intention to urge fellow comedians to refrain from hosting shows as a form of protest, due to the exorbitant cost of living. He stated, “Comedians, stop doing shows until next year. Currently, there is nothing to laugh about. The burdensome taxes, the soaring cost of living—whom are you entertaining? Kenyans don’t want to laugh. Kenyans are experiencing deep-seated depression.”

Overall, Eric Omondi’s involvement in the unusual panty-throwing incident and his subsequent reflections on the state of comedy reflect the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of his career and the broader entertainment industry.