All Tales of Crazy Kennar Cast Unfollow Crazy Kennar on Instagram

The departure of several crew members has sparked discussions about the popular comedian Kennedy Odhiambo, known as Crazy Kennar, on various social media platforms.

In the past month, two actresses chose to unfollow Kennar on Instagram, leaving Kenyans curious about the situation. The remaining cast member of Tales of Crazy Kennar, Yvonne Khisa, also unfollowed the content creator on Instagram, following the footsteps of fellow crew members Bushra Sakshi and Africas (Shiro).

To add to the speculation, Yvonne Khisa posted a cryptic message on social media, leaving many wondering if there is a conflict between her and Kennar. She wrote, “Toxic people acting as the victim is the funniest shit ever.”

Adding to the intrigue, Crazy Kennar recently shared a cryptic post about depression, leaving fans unsure about his well-being or if something is bothering him.

A few months ago, another crew member, Stanley Omondi, also parted ways with the talented content creator. However, Omondi dismissed rumors of a falling out with Crazy Kennar, suggesting that their split was amicable.

In August 2022, Useful Idioty made headlines when news broke about his departure from The Tales of Crazy Kennar comedy group. He stated that he left to pursue a solo career and launch his own path.

Initially, the Tales of Crazy Kennar comedy group consisted of Useful Idioty, Stanley Omondi, Yvonne Khisa, Bushra Sakshi, and Wanjiru Shiro. However, recently Crazy Kennar has not been collaborating with these three actresses in his content creation endeavors.