Guardian Angel Watoto wa Esther Wananiheshimu kama baba Yao

Kenyan renowned gospel artist, Peter Omwaka, widely recognized as Guardian Angel, recently shed light on his harmonious rapport with his stepchildren, who are nearly his age counterparts.

In a recent interview with a local blog, the singer affirmed the amicable bond he shares with all of Esther Musila’s children: Gilda Naibei, Glenn Naibei, and Kim.

“They are grown-ups. We share a strong and healthy relationship,” Guardian Angel expressed.

Esther Musila, on her part, disclosed that her children easily connected with her 35-year-old husband. She mentioned that her three children embraced him as a part of the family.

Moreover, she revealed that it wasn’t difficult for her children to grasp that she was dating someone, noticing her changed behavior.

“One day, I informed them about my relationship with Guardian Angel. Children can be apprehensive, being their sole parent, they were concerned. They feared that I might leave them after entering a relationship, but Guardian came into their lives seamlessly. They bonded well right from the start,” she shared.

Addressing detractors online, Guardian Angel expressed no regrets about dating the 53-year-old woman. He pointed out that numerous marriages end in separation despite men marrying younger women as dictated by societal norms.

“My commitment to my partner transcends age. It surpasses public opinion because, in the end, it’s just you and your spouse. Let the online critics continue their chatter on social media,” he emphasized.

The 35-year-old singer stated that he has always been indifferent to what others say about his relationship with Esther from the outset.