Zuchu’s First Hit In Wasafi ‘Wana’ Becomes A Talk To Many

Zuchu’s first hit in Wasafi ‘Wana’ becomes a talk to many

Zuchu welcome song after she joined wasafi group has really been well done. It’s such an eye fixed catcher to several and thru this morale we hope she’ll still serve her fans the simplest .

‘Wana’ may be a love song explaining love initially sight. Zuchu narrates how she met this love and past just faded away to accumulate the name ‘babe. ‘ She explains how love excites her feelings and thus comfort her in dark times.

Wana may be a women empowerment song

The chorus thus describes the title ‘wana.’ Zuchu sings how the primary sight love excited her with their hands holding one another . They thus exchanged numbers and their hearts just loved one another .

Zuchu continues the lead together with her imaginative love and the way she’d want it to flow. She wants to heal her past through unconditional love. In her ‘wana’ song she seems to be having haters whom she’d want them to require it no more. Her love must be burning hard inside her.

‘Wana’ song is so romantic that a lot of would love their partners to concentrate to. Zuchu sings, for her to be swept off her feet she’d like to be treated sort of a queen. This entails many hugs for through the small things she’d refund during a massive way. This narration applies to several also and thus an honest jam for love.

‘Wana’ has been well done. The lyrics by Zuchu has been well done to bring out the title. The videography too was well done and indeed it does show love. Being her first song in wasafi thumbs up! Let’s motivate her to stay the hearth burning by giving us your views also below.

Zuchu’s first hit in Wasafi ‘Wana’ becomes a talk to many

In addition, her first may be a hit just each day after joining Diamond’s record label, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB). Last but not least the song gets a rating of 8/10.

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