” Alinikatia Nikamkausha”Nyako Exposes Otile Brown For Simping and Begging Her Money.

The renowned and controversial TikTok personality, Nyako, has recently stirred up controversy by making startling accusations against Kenyan celebrity Otile Brown. According to Nyako, Otile Brown allegedly engaged in what she terms as “simping” by approaching her and soliciting money.

During a TikTok live session, Nyako claimed that Otile Brown contacted her upon his return from South Africa. She disclosed that Otile reached out to her through direct messages, expressing a desire for her to buy him a drink. Captivated by Otile’s attractive appearance, Nyako admitted that she promptly sent him the requested funds for a drink without hesitation. Interestingly, the transaction revealed Otile Brown’s real name as Jacob Otieno, providing Nyako with confirmation of his identity.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Otile attempted to romantically pursue Nyako. Despite Otile’s advances, Nyako clarified that she had no intention of entering into a relationship with him. According to Nyako, she made it clear that the financial gesture was simply a result of finding Otile cute, and she was not interested in any romantic involvement.

Nyako further claimed that Otile, undeterred by her rejection, began soliciting money from her. Allegedly, Otile requested a loan of Ksh.50,000, which Nyako declined. Subsequently, he lowered the amount to Ksh.25,000, yet Nyako remained firm in her refusal. Feeling uncomfortable with the persistent requests, Nyako eventually distanced herself from Otile, drawing parallels between him and individuals engaging in fraudulent activities targeting women in the Gulf region.

It’s essential to note that Nyako’s statements are currently mere allegations, as she has not provided any concrete evidence, such as receipts, to substantiate her claims against Otile Brown. The situation remains controversial, leaving room for speculation and discussion within the online community.