Yesu wa Tongaren Resurfaces Ahead of Easter Holidays, says World Will Come to an End

Controversial Kenyan figure Eliud Wekesa, who goes by the moniker Jesus of Tongaren, has made a bold prediction regarding a significant global event set to unfold within the next thirty years.

During an interview with a local radio station, Wekesa proclaimed himself to be the true embodiment of Jesus Christ and announced that God intends to bring an end to the current generation by the year 2058.

Wekesa elaborated on his prediction, claiming that a mysterious horse will make an appearance, causing people to vanish as they witness the event. He cited Isaiah 24 to support his assertions about the impending transformation of the Earth’s state. According to him, while the world itself will persist, the current generation will come to its conclusion starting from the specified year. He emphasized that the phenomenon will entail the disappearance of people, rather than the demise of the planet.

Drawing parallels to biblical narratives, the controversial prophet likened the forthcoming event to the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein Almighty God eradicated the populace. However, Wekesa asserted his exemption from this fate, claiming to have achieved eternal life. He confidently stated, “I am of eternal life. I was with him from the beginning.”

Additionally, Wekesa urged Kenyans to heighten their vigilance and petitioned for divine assistance in opening their eyes to current occurrences.

In previous interviews with Massawe Japanni, Wekesa, also known as Mr. Simiyu, divulged various aspects of his life. He disclosed that his formal education ceased after primary school, reasoning that the Bible does not document Jesus’ educational background. Despite his limited schooling, Wekesa asserted his spiritual omnipresence, claiming to have traversed all nations through spiritual means. He proudly mentioned the global audience he has garnered through television appearances.

Wekesa recounted establishing the ‘Church of Jesus’ in 2009, where he has been preaching for over a decade. He noted the presence of twelve prophets and other adherents within his congregation.