Dem Wa Facebook:Natamani Andrew Kibe, I’m Good in Bed na Wife Material na akule hii Rosecoco

Aspiring comedian Dem wa Facebook is undeterred in her quest for love, setting her sights on a new target. Having faced disappointment in her attempts to win the affection of Khaligraph Jones, she’s now decided to openly express her feelings for Andrew Kibe, a prominent social media critic currently residing in the United States.

After her viral confession of deep admiration for Khaligraph Jones, Dem wa Facebook seems to be turning a new leaf in her romantic pursuits. In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, she acknowledged a shift in focus towards Andrew Kibe. Noting Kibe’s apparent single status, influenced by Diana Marua’s remarks, Dem wa Facebook appears hopeful for a fresh start.

Expressing her fondness for Andrew Kibe, Dem wa Facebook highlighted qualities she believes make her an ideal life partner. While she boasts confidence in her prowess in the bedroom, she candidly admitted lacking in the department of a ‘big nyash.’ Nonetheless, she remains optimistic about its growth over time.

In her plea to Andrew Kibe, the comedian stressed her readiness to commit to a relationship, emphasizing her willingness to bring satisfaction into his life. Dem wa Facebook concluded her appeal by urging Kibe to consider her as a potential partner, citing his wealth as an additional incentive for a union.