Carol Sonnie Says She doesn't Regret Breaking up With Mulamwah -

Carol Sonnie Says She doesn’t Regret Breaking up With Mulamwah

Carol Sonnie, the ex-girlfriend of comedian Mulamwah, recently took part in a Q&A session with her fans on social media. When asked if she regretted breaking up with Mulamwah, Carol confidently stated that she had never regretted her decision.

The public breakup occurred in 2021 when Mulamwah accused Carol of cheating on him with another man and shared the details on social media. The aftermath of their relationship was messy, with Carol accusing Mulamwah of being a Deadbeat Father to their daughter Keilah.

In a recent development, Mulamwah has confirmed that he is in a romantic relationship with his bestie Ruth K. The couple celebrated Valentine’s day together and shared photos and videos of their romantic evening.

As for Carol, it is currently unknown whether she is dating someone else after the turbulent breakup with Mulamwah.