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Two Nurses Beaten Mercilesly By Patients After Been Caught Enjoying ‘TWA TWA’ In Hospital Ward

A peculiar incident unfolded several hours ago involving two nurses who were discovered engaged in an intimate encounter within a female ward. According to a local media outlet, the nurses left their workplace, seeking a brief respite to rejuvenate their fatigued minds.

Upon their return, it was evident that they were heavily inebriated, raising concerns among patients about the potential risks associated with administering medication while under the influence. Reports indicate that the nurses appeared exceptionally weary, and patients observed them entering a female ward.

After a short period, it became apparent that their activities involved ‘unprotected intimacy,’ prompting outraged patients to confront them. The situation escalated to the point where the nurses were subjected to severe physical assaults, leading to their admission to the hospital by doctors.

The incident was promptly brought to the attention of the management team, who, in response, decided to terminate the employment of the nurses. The decision was made on the grounds of their serious misuse of the workplace and engaging in misconduct.