Sonko Leaks Video Call between him and Esther Passaris as Passaris Moves to court to Bar Sonko from leaking More

Sonko Leaks STEAMY Video Call between him and Esther Passaris as Passaris Moves to court to Bar Sonko from leaking More

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has finally defended alleged former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko`s Informer Merry Nkatha after Sonko leaked her nude video online.

Passaris Defends Nkatha, Orders DCI to barre Sonko from Social Media Speaking on Tuesday 23rd November during the illumination of the Kenyatta International Conference Center to mark the beginning of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, the outspoken leader asked the Director of Criminal Investigations {DCI} to barre all Sonko`s social media accounts. Sonko’s latest acts, according to Passaris, justified the country’s decision to prohibit him from using any social media platforms.

She added that Sonko violated the woman’s rights, by exposing the video further amounting to internet violence against her. “That kind of violence and violation of a woman is wrong by every standard and the I call on the DCI to take action against him because as a country, you can block someone who has terrorises and abuse women on social media platforms,” she said. I Won’t Apologize for Seeking Treatment Abroad, Esther Passaris Tells Twitter User | Nairobi Women Rep.

Esther Passaris PHOTO FILE She went on to say that Sonko’s acts demonstrate a lack of respect for all genders, as well as children and society in general. “If we say that we are going to end sexual and gender-based violence then perpetrators in such high positions should not be let to walk scot-free. He must be made an example of,” she said. Passaris continued by stating that only a multi-sectoral approach such as the case of former US President Donald Trump would be sufficient to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence. “Let us cut the power that perpetrators have on social media platforms. If they managed to do it to Donald Trump, then they can surely do it to Sonko,” she said. Below is a video of Esther Passaris Begging for Sonko love Leaked by Sonko.