“Wanaume wameanza Kunyonyesha!!” Transgender Father Breastfeeds His Baby After Giving Birth To Him -Viral Pics

A transgender father, Tanius Posey, faced criticism from those who deemed his decision to breastfeed his newborn son after giving birth unconventional and challenged societal norms of masculinity. Born female, Tanius had long sensed that something was amiss with his identity. It was only six years ago, with the encouragement of a transgender colleague, that he realized his desire to transition to a male identity. Swiftly embarking on a medical transition, he began the journey to align his external self with his internal sense of identity.

The unexpected revelation of pregnancy in the spring of 2021 added a unique dimension to Tanius’ life. Embracing the role of a transgender parent, often referred to as a “seahorse dad” in reference to male seahorses carrying their offspring, Tanius welcomed his son Za’nius in early 2022.

Documenting his transformative journey on TikTok, Tanius garnered a substantial following of over 928,000 and accumulated 10 million likes across his videos. Despite this, his openness provoked a wave of negative comments from online trolls. Detractors questioned Tanius’ place on Earth, while others voiced concerns over the well-being of his son, suggesting potential harm due to the consumption of breast milk produced during Tanius’ hormone therapy.

In the face of criticism, Tanius remains resolute in his identity and parenting choices. His story challenges societal expectations and serves as a testament to the diverse experiences within the realm of gender identity and parenting.