Father Benard: How funny Incident at the Burial of a Priest became Viral Meme

The phrase “Father Benard” has taken over the internet as a viral sound. It all started with a video of a woman in deep sorrow at the burial of Ghanaian priest, Father Benard Kofi Ackon. In the video, the woman, mourning the death of the priest, jumped onto the coffin, screaming “Eii Father Benard, Eii Father Benard.” The video quickly gained popularity on social media and the sound became a sensation.

Father Benard was a well-respected priest of St John the Baptist church in Saltpond, Ghana. He was known for his selflessness and generosity. Friends and family testified that he was loved by all, which could explain why the woman paid her last respects in such a grand and dramatic fashion.

The motive behind the woman’s jump onto Father Benard’s coffin is unclear, but it brought laughter and amusement to social media users. Since then, content creators have quickly picked up the sound “Ei Father Benard” to create humorous videos. The sound has become the latest background sound for videos of people tripping or falling to the ground.

Despite the amusement that the sound has brought, it is important to remember that Father Benard was a respected member of the Ghanaian community. His death was a loss to many, especially his church community. His legacy will live on, and his memory will continue to inspire those who knew him.

In conclusion, the sound “Ei Father Benard” may have started as a viral sensation, but it is important to remember the man behind the sound. Father Benard was a respected priest who touched the lives of many in his community. May his soul rest in peace.