“Nalia kila siku” – Corazon Kwamboka opens up on struggling to raise kids as single mother -

“Nalia kila siku” – Corazon Kwamboka opens up on struggling to raise kids as single mother

Corazon Kwamboka’s candid revelations about her challenging journey as a single mother in the aftermath of her separation from her ex-partner, Frankie Just Gym It, came to light during her conversation with Grace Ekirapa on the Cradle Love series YouTube channel.

Reflecting on that period, Corazon disclosed, “There was a time when it was just me and my children, a phase in my life that I’d rather not revisit. Following our breakup, I found myself in a state of solitude, grappling with a multitude of difficulties. It’s a chapter of my life that was filled with immense trials, and honestly, it’s not something I eagerly dwell upon.” Her emotions welled up as she spoke, shedding a tear as she continued, “I used to find myself in tears almost every night, and my children would echo my sorrow.”

Gazing at her daughter, Corazon recounted, “My daughter would cry due to her own distress, and my son would cry because she was crying. The chain reaction of our tears was almost overwhelming.”

Expressing her sadness, she remarked on her children sharing her pain, saying, “It’s heart-wrenching when you see your children affected by your struggles. I couldn’t allow myself to crumble, though. It’s particularly devastating, especially considering that during that period, I had hired help during the day.”

However, this external help only added to Corazon’s burden, as she explained, “When the day nanny left, it was just me, my thoughts, and my babies. The weight of it all was truly overwhelming.”

The lawyer recounted the turning point when she felt compelled to show her resilience. This was during the time when news of her separation from Frankie Just Gym It became public. “The ordeal was exceptionally challenging for both parties, as these matters between adults often are. It felt like an onslaught from all directions, with criticism and negativity circulating online,” she shared about dealing with the reactions on social media.

Corazon elaborated on why she chose to make her breakup public, stating, “I felt utterly isolated at that juncture. What options did I have? There are moments when you’re so overwhelmed that you yearn for someone, anyone, to understand. Turning to social media becomes a way to seek attention, in the hope that someone might reach out or empathize.”

Acknowledging the inevitability of online backlash, she continued, “Putting your personal struggles out there is a plea for assistance, although people often misunderstand it as seeking attention. It’s a complex situation, because as someone in the public eye, there’s an expectation that you should have everything together.”

Seeking to connect rather than solicit sympathy from her online audience, she said, “In reality, you’re searching for that one person who hears your silent cry for help, that individual who extends a comforting hand when you need it the most.”

While expressing gratitude for her family’s support during that period, Corazon confessed she still felt a void, remarking, “Sometimes, even our families might not fully grasp the depths of our struggles. They might respond with questions like ‘Why are you upset?’ It’s as though they doubt your ability to navigate these challenges on your own.”