Kenyan Matatu Driver Returns KSh 20,000, Laptop to University Student Who Forgot Them in His Vehicle
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Kenyan Matatu Driver Returns KSh 20,000, Laptop to University Student Who Forgot Them in His Vehicle

A matatu driver situated in Thika town stunned many when he returned Ksh20,000 and a laptop belonging to a college student.

Addressing, Basilio Kimani confirmed the incident. He expressed that the student by the name Ian Gitau had boarded his matatu on Sunday, September 5, at Blue Post and was headed to Mount Kenya University (MKU).

Kimani reviewed that the student, who had sat with him in the passenger seat of the matatu, alighted the vehicle without his bag pack. He resorted in opening the students pack in a bid to figure out how to contact the student.

That was the point at which he discovered an envelope containing Ksh20,000 also in the bag was a PC, a charger and some of the students clothes.

“I opened the bag to see if there was something I could use to contact him. I came across the envelope containing the money,” he revealed.

Kimani then, at that point stated that he took the envelope containing the cash and kept it with him and gave over the pack containing the PC to the Sacco offices. He clarified that he only trusted himself with the cash.

The student later clarified that he left his bag when he alighted the matatu. He revealed that he had two bags, one in the vehicles trunk and one at the front of the vehicle.

As he went to gather his other bag from the trunk, he continued to school, leaving the other bag containing his school fees, PC and his clothes. He took a stab at searching for the matatu at the stage and even went on to report the matter to a police station.

Gitau, joined by his mom Lucy Wanjiru, started trailing the matatu on September 6. At the point when they went to the police station, officers inquired as to whether they had the vehicles number plate or even the name of the Sacco, which they didn’t.

Kenyan Matatu Driver Returns KSh 20,000, Laptop to University Student Who Forgot Them in His Vehicle

They went through the whole day sifting through the matatus and even went to the offices of matatu Sacco’s but all in vain.

Notwithstanding, with the main thing that he could recall about the matatu he had boarded, the student figured out how to limit his pursuit. The matatu he boarded had curtains, a uniqueness Basilio mentioned.

“Luckily, the student was able to remember that my matatu had curtains. That was the only thing he could remember, and that is what led him to me,” he stated.

The MKU student and his mom were then directed to KST Sacco offices, where they were given the bag containing the PC. Without referencing the cash, they requested the driver’s telephone number.

Kimani asked the student a few inquiries concerning the substance of the envelope to affirm that he was the legitimate owner. Whenever this was done, he requested that the two allow him 20 minutes to deliver the cash.

To their disbelief, the driver showed up at the offices and gave them the envelope them containing everything. What stood out with regards to his activities is that on that specific day, he had not made a much.

In a post by Wanjiku, she portrayed him as a Godly man and gave him acclaim. Although she was not in a position to better thank the driver, she asked his employers to at least promote him for his act of nobility.