Linet Toto: From selling mtumba clothes, working as a househelp to Bomet Women Rep

Linet Chepkorir, also known as Toto among the residents of Bomet, has recently gained popularity in the county after winning the UDA ticket for the position of Bomet County Women Rep. Despite initial skepticism from the party, Toto was allowed to pay the nomination fee after her immense popularity in the county. She has a background from a low-income family from Chemamul and had to overcome several obstacles to achieve academic success. She funded her education through bursaries and Harambees as her parents were unemployed.

Toto beat 10 other contestants to win 60% of the total votes counted across the five sub-counties. She celebrated her win on social media and expressed her gratitude to the residents of Bomet. Throughout her campaign, Toto walked to the campaign venues and used motorcycles and vehicles donated by well-wishers instead of fuel-guzzling vehicles like her competitors. She promises to serve all residents without favor and her first agenda is to sponsor a bill in Parliament to supply free sanitary pads to girls across the country.

Toto has always been a leader, from organizing the nursery class in primary school to being the class president in high school and treasurer at Tharaka University. She is also the chair lady of the Union of Youths in her town. Her passion for helping the youth and her faith in God drove her to pursue a career in politics through the Women Rep position. Toto is determined to reach out to every corner of Bomet County to seek support for her aspirations.