Wilbroda: How My Sisters Contributed to the Breakup of My Marriage with My Lovely Baby Daddy

Kenyan actress and radio presenter Jacque Nyaminde, popularly known as Wilbroda, recently opened up about the factors that led to the demise of her marriage with her child’s father.

In an insightful interview with a local publication, Wilbroda candidly admitted her own role in the dissolution of the relationship. A pivotal revelation emerged as she acknowledged that her frequent hosting of relatives, especially her sisters, at her home played a significant part in the breakdown.

“I didn’t see a problem with my sisters always being at my house until after the breakup when he mentioned it to his friend,” she shared.

Wilbroda recognized that the constant presence of her relatives created an overwhelming atmosphere for her then-husband, who later expressed his discomfort to a friend.

“In hindsight, I realize I contributed to their frequent visits. I went overboard. While I enjoyed their company, it came at a cost,” she admitted.

Reflecting on her changed lifestyle, Wilbroda disclosed that she has since altered her approach to entertaining visitors, only doing so when they are invited.

“I no longer entertain visitors, not even my relatives. People need their personal space. It’s one of those things. You have to be mentally prepared to have friends over,” she explained.

The challenges of co-parenting took center stage in the interview as well.

Wilbroda openly discussed moments when she contemplated raising her child alone due to the difficulties in maintaining a friendship with her child’s father.

“There are times when you just throw in the towel and decide, ‘I’ll do this alone. Catch me if you can, but I’m moving on,'” she narrated.

Wilbroda hinted at anger issues being another contributing factor to the breakdown of her relationship, revealing instances where her child’s father displayed extreme anger. This led her to make the decision to opt out of the relationship for the sake of her well-being.