"Acheni kunitusi please"- Essy Wa Willy Begs. -

“Acheni kunitusi please”- Essy Wa Willy Begs.

The gospel artist taking to her social media accounts said that she is being bullied and insulted for no reason.

This is after wannabe blogger, Kamau Watoria revealed details of their private chats.

“It’s unfortunate that I’m being bullied online for something that I’ve not done trying to protect someone’s image and he is silent while he knows the truth.”

“We all met at spur mall to solve our differences and all that were present had the voice notes that I sent kamau and Martha Martha Mwihaki Hinga.”

“Why are they silent when they know the truth that the voice notes has nothing to do with the Dubai stories?. I will not be insulted trying to protect someone’s name when he has the power to let people know that I never said the Dubai stories.”

“Kama mbaya mbaya. I’ll release the voice notes and I’ll not be responsible for the damage that will be caused.”