“Break That Rule, Huezi Kufa”: Catholic Priest Urges Women Over 35 To Propose To Men

In a recent sermon that garnered attention online, Father Olouwa, a Nigerian Catholic priest, stirred discussion by suggesting that single women over the age of 35 should consider taking the initiative to propose to men rather than passively waiting to be approached.

Father Olouwa challenged traditional expectations by emphasizing that waiting for men to make the first move may no longer be practical in today’s society. He argued that some men may lack the confidence to approach women, and adhering to outdated social norms could potentially hinder women’s chances of finding a life partner.

Addressing his congregation, Father Olouwa urged single women to reconsider their approach to courtship. He emphasized that age should not be a deterrent to taking proactive steps towards finding a suitable partner. Encouraging women to break away from societal conventions, he advocated for a more assertive approach to romantic relationships.

The priest shared anecdotes of successful marriages where women had taken the initiative to pursue their partners. He highlighted the importance of women expressing their intentions and capabilities to potential suitors, rather than waiting for men to make assumptions.

In his impassioned speech, Father Olouwa urged women to communicate openly with men they were interested in, expressing their readiness for marriage and detailing the qualities they could bring to a relationship. He encouraged women to confidently approach men they were attracted to, assuring them that taking the first step did not diminish their value or dignity.

By challenging conventional gender roles and advocating for women’s agency in romantic pursuits, Father Olouwa sparked a conversation about empowerment and self-determination in relationships. His message resonated with many who applauded his progressive stance on love and marriage.