Former Migori Governor Obado Confirmed To Have Fathered late Sharon Otieno’s Unborn Child

New genetic discoveries have conclusively identified, with 99.99% certainty, that former Migori Governor Okoth Obado was the biological father of Sharon Otieno’s unborn child, a student at Rongo University.

During a hearing at the Milimani High Court, a witness from the Cyber Crime Investigations sub-unit of the DCI’s Serious Crime Unit revealed crucial information. The witness, testifying before Justice Cecilia Githua, presented DNA test results confirming the paternity of Sharon Otieno’s unborn child, linking it to Okoth Obado. The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) released a statement on X, affirming this revelation.

In addition to the DNA evidence, the witness provided photographic proof from the crime scene, indicating that both Okoth Obado and his then-personal assistant, Michael Oyamo, had connections to the deceased. The witness also disclosed that Sharon Otieno was approximately seven months pregnant at the time of her demise.

According to the witness, Sharon and her unborn child succumbed to fatal injuries. Sharon’s cause of death was attributed to acute hemorrhaging due to blunt force trauma, while the unborn child suffered stomach trauma from a sharp instrument. The ODPP noted, “Visible wounds, including a stab wound near the heart, confirmed her pregnancy and the violent nature of her death.”

The testimony further implicated Caspal Obiero, the third accused person, in Sharon’s murder. It was revealed that Obiero arranged for the vehicle used by the perpetrator to meet Sharon. Additionally, evidence suggested Obiero’s involvement in obtaining altered medical records from Kisii Referral Hospital.

The revelations from the witness testimony shed light on the tragic events surrounding Sharon Otieno’s death and underscore the involvement of multiple parties in the crime.