"Alikuwa anaita ng'ombe babe"- Murang'a Man Busted In The Act With A Cow. -

“Alikuwa anaita ng’ombe babe”- Murang’a Man Busted In The Act With A Cow.

There was drama in Muchungucha village after a middle aged man was busted in the act with a cow using condom.

The man only identified as Kamande was busted last night mounting on the cow and residents say that they found him almost at the climax and was calling the cow ‘babe’.

“I heard weird sounds from the cowshed and went to check what was happening. I was dumbfounded and had to wake my son,” the owner said.

After the son came, they did not wait for the man to reach his climax but descended on him with kicks and blows.

Area residents who heard the commotion went to the house to check and were also left tongue-tied as condoms laid on the ground, a clear indication that the man had gone for several rounds.

We have never seen such a thing. This is an omen and we must cleanse this homestead,” a neighbor stated.

Details indicate that the cow will be killed and carcass burnt to ashes so as to cleanse the homestead and the small village.

The man has since been arrested awaiting trial.