Zari Hassan Acquires' New Dimples -

Zari Hassan Acquires’ New Dimples

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has recently unveiled a striking transformation in her appearance, capturing the attention and curiosity of many. Her new look showcases a radiant smile adorned with a fresh dimple on her face, sparking conversations and discussions among her followers.

Taking to Instagram, Zari Hassan shared a captivating photo of herself sporting her beaming smile, accompanied by the following caption: “I’ve been feeling my best lately since visiting @daryadentalturkey 😁😁 My teeth are on point now🙈 💋.”

This post not only highlighted her dazzling new dental makeover but also showcased a set of newfound dimples on her cheeks, adding to her overall charm.

Numerous fans and well-wishers congratulated her on her transformed appearance, while many expressed their curiosity regarding the rapid change she had undergone in just a short span of time. However, some individuals on social media were critical, suggesting that she might have undergone surgical procedures to enhance her looks.

In response to the speculations and criticisms, the mother of five, Zari Hassan, decided to address the issue directly. She clarified that she did not undergo Dimpleplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at creating artificial dimples. Zari insisted that the process she had undergone was a simple non-surgical procedure that did not involve any surgical incisions or invasive techniques.

She boldly confronted her critics, stating, “It is often those who know the least that claim to have all the answers. This isn’t Dimpleplasty (surgery); the dimple is formed without any incision. This procedure is a non-surgical dimple creation, which can be performed in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere. It is not a surgical procedure,” as conveyed through her social media platform.

Zari Hassan openly acknowledged that she had previously undergone two plastic surgeries, specifically a tummy tuck and a leg procedure. She explained that these surgeries were intended to enhance her body and not to fundamentally alter her appearance. Zari emphasized, “The rumors about my plastic surgery are true, but I simply had excess fat removed from my legs and tummy. Now, regardless of my weight, my stomach and legs will not revert to their previous size.”

In a noteworthy statement made last year, Zari Hassan urged her fans and the public not to pass judgment on celebrities who opt for surgical enhancements. She highlighted that in Africa, people often feign shock over such procedures, even though they are common practices in Western cultures. Zari emphasized that individuals choose to undergo surgery to improve their self-esteem and overall appearance, ultimately aiming to look their best and feel confident. She concluded by stating that no one aspires to have an oversized abdomen.