Marioo Reportedly Pays Sh 100 Million as Dowry For Paula Kajala -

Marioo Reportedly Pays Sh 100 Million as Dowry For Paula Kajala

Tanzanian Bongo artist Marioo has made headlines with reports suggesting that he paid a substantial dowry of Tsh 100 million (equivalent to Ksh 5.8 million) for Paula Kajala’s hand in marriage.

During an engaging question and answer session with a blogger, Paula divulged the impressive amount Marioo had offered to secure their union. In a candid video clip, Paula and her mother, Kajala, shared an affectionate moment while an unseen individual inquired about the status of her relationship with the artist, Marioo.

In response, Paula Kajala playfully exclaimed, “Tayari ametoa mahari milioni 100,” accompanied by joyful laughter, with her mother Kajala Frida joining in on the merriment.

Nevertheless, there seemed to be some skepticism regarding the dowry sum, with suggestions that Marioo might need more than just that amount to win Paula’s heart in marriage.

Marioo and Paula Kajala have been openly sharing their wedding aspirations on social media platforms since publicly announcing their relationship.

In a recent social media post, Marioo expressed his initial reluctance towards marriage, but he admitted that Paula’s overwhelming love had caused him to reconsider his plans, and he is now contemplating making Paula his life partner.

The romantic journey of Marioo and Paula began after Paula’s well-publicized breakup with Rayvanny some time ago, during which Paula stated that the Mi Amor hitmaker would be her last love interest. As a symbol of commitment, she even shared a photo of her lover on Instagram with the caption “My last.”

This gesture was in response to a message from the singer on the same platform, where he called for an end to the “bullying” of Paula due to her past, expressing his love and support for her. He wrote, “There are people who have a problem, especially because of her kind heart and fame. Please, let this wonderful girl be. Let her enjoy. I know those who dislike her are in the minority, and she is still young. I don’t want her to be hurt because I love her so much @therealpaulahkajala.”