Yvette Obura reacts to claims her ‘kadudu’ was free gift from seller who sold Bahati Range Rover

Yvette Obura, the mother of Bahati’s child, faced criticism when she proudly showcased her Nissan Note, affectionately named ‘kadudu’ for its compact size, on November 8, 2023. In her social media post, she humorously attributed the acquisition of the small car to having a modest budget: “Pesa kidogo nishanunua kadudu😆😅😅 Thank you @riricarsltd.”

Detractors wasted no time drawing comparisons between Yvette’s Nissan Note and Diana Marua’s extravagant Range Rover Vogue Autobiography 5.0 Supercharged, reportedly valued at a staggering Ksh19 million, a gift from Bahati. A netizen named Rosemary speculated that the ‘kadudu’ was a supplementary present given to Bahati after he purchased the high-end British vehicle for his wife, commenting, “Hiyo ndiyo zawadi Bahati aliongezewa baada ya kunua range,” on Yvette’s post.

In response to Rosemary’s comment, Yvette Obura retaliated sharply, criticizing Rosemary for having an empty mind, saying, “Mama mzima kama wewe huna akili!” This exchange unfolded as part of the ongoing discussions surrounding the contrasting lifestyles of the two women.

Notably, in October 2023, Bahati marked seven years of being in a relationship with his wife, Diana Marua, through a series of lavish gifts. These included seven distinct presents, encompassing Diana’s dowry and the luxurious Range Rover Vogue Autobiography. Yvette Obura’s acquisition of the Nissan Note, just a month after Diana received the Range Rover, sparked further interest, especially given the shared blue color between the ‘kadudu’ and Diana’s British machine.