“Nipe Mjulus Nikulipie Rent Ya 6 Months ” Nyako Tells 20 Years Old Tizian Savage.

The name Pilot Nyako consistently dominates the trending topics in Kenya, as this TikTok personality based in Germany perpetually stirs controversy. She exudes elation whenever her name graces the social media platforms.

In a recent TikTok live session with Tizian Savage, Nyako openly divulged her admiration for the 20-year-old TikToker. Tizian first gained online prominence as the charming Bodaboda rider from Nakuru, a transformation that catapulted him into a life of opulence, now earning millions through TikTok.

During their interaction, Nyako expressed her affection for Tizian, despite his youthfulness, confessing her readiness to support him financially by covering his rent for six months. In return, she desired his companionship, particularly in the realm of intimacy.

Nyako emphasized her prowess in bed, articulating her preference for a young man who excels in such matters, hence singling out Tizian for her affections. Although Tizian found it challenging to accept her proposition, given the public nature of their conversation, Nyako unreservedly admitted her infatuation with Tizian Savage.