“I am tired of you lasting for less than 10 seconds during sex, I am not proceeding with the marriage plans anymore,” my girlfriend said

Any man who has had ejaculation problems knows how extremely embarrassing it is to fail to satisfy your woman and only last for a few seconds in her. This is what I went through with my fiancée and she even ditched me two weeks to our wedding after finding out she would be signing up for a life of sexual dissatisfaction. close up photo of an african woman expressing doubt - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I had proposed to my girlfriend and we had started our marriage plans. I really loved that woman because she was beautiful, intelligent and she was also very sexy. We were sexually active and we would have sex every now and then and each time we made love; she would always complain that I was not lasting long enough to satisfy her.

Though I tried seeking medical treatment from Doctors in and out of Nairobi, my condition was getting worse. Though my girl was tolerating me, I knew she was getting impatient as days went by.

Two weeks to our wedding, we went to my place to make love and this time it was even worse because I could not erect and my woman lay there feeling with no one to satisfy her. She was disappointed until she cried.

“I am tired of you lasting in sex for less than 10 seconds, I am not proceeding with the marriage plans anymore,” my girlfriend said while crying. I had failed her big time.

She immediately dressed up and left the house crying. I knew I had lost her for good. When she went,  I also started crying in bitterness. It was so degrading to my manhood. I called my best friend and told him the wedding was off since I had disappointed my woman in bed. That’s when he told me to see a traditional Doctor by the name Doctor Mugwenu who would treat me and help me last longer than an hour.

“Bro, you will be fine when you visit Doctor Mugwenu. He will use herbs and spells to make you stronger in bed. female portrait - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I took his advice and called traditional herbalist. I narrated to him my problems and he asked me to see him the next day and he assured me I would last more than an hour and get my fiancée back.

He gave me a concoction and a combination of herbs to take and asked me to try sex in 24 hours. Two nights after meeting him, my girlfriend came to collect her items from my house. I tried asking her for sex and she said she did not want to be disappointed again.

When I penetrated her that night I came out after an hour and she was so satisfied. She looked at me and said she loved me and was ready to marry me. I always thank Doctor Mugwenu for helping me get back my woman.

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