”Azziad Kako Na Kiburi Sana,Haezi enda Mbali,boobs Zitaanguka Tu!” Nyako Calls Out Azziad Nasenya

The Kenyan TikToker known as Pilot Nyako, currently based in Germany, is causing a stir by adopting a confrontational approach towards various celebrities in Kenya. She appears to have embraced a combative stance, critiquing and ridiculing many celebrities while offering praise to a select few.

In her recent exposé of Otile Brown and negative comments about Akothee’s boyfriend, Nelly Oaks, Nyako did not stop there. She redirected her focus to Azziad Nasenya, accusing her of excessive pride. Nyako claims to have closely observed Azziad Nasenya’s live sessions and concluded that the young social media personality exudes arrogance. According to Nyako, Azziad mistakenly believes she has achieved success at her young age, overlooking the challenges that lie ahead.

Nyako predicts a challenging future for Azziad, asserting that her pride will be her downfall. She boldly states that she would never consider spending time with Azziad due to their incompatible personalities, driven by Azziad’s perceived arrogance.

Inspired by the audacious approach of Andrew Kibe, who fearlessly addresses Kenyan celebrities whenever and however he pleases, Nyako seems to be carving a similar niche for herself. Undeterred by the potential backlash, she is positioning herself as the new Andrew Kibe, fearlessly expressing her opinions about Kenyan celebrities.