“Nistruggle! Sikua napata Watoto” Jeff Koinange opens up on his struggle of siring a child

Kenyan renowned media personality, Jeff Koinange, recently shared his poignant journey to parenthood during an Engage talk show. The seasoned news anchor from Citizen TV candidly recounted the profound challenges he and his wife faced in their quest to have a child, shedding light on the heart-wrenching frustration and embarrassment that came with their inability to conceive.

Jeff Koinange disclosed that there were moments when he felt hope slipping through his fingers. Witnessing children of his peers and friends joyfully playing, while he remained childless, was a daily torment he had to endure.

“We explored every available avenue, including IVF and various fertility treatments, but for the longest time, none of them yielded results. It was a painful experience, especially when we visited friends’ homes and saw kids frolicking in the yard, swimming, and living the carefree lives we longed for,” Jeff shared with raw emotion.

During their conversation, the host of the JKL show nostalgically recalled how the late South African President Nelson Mandela, whom he had interviewed several times, playfully inquired about his quest for fatherhood. Mandela, with his characteristic warmth, even offered his assistance with a lighthearted tone.

“Nelson Mandela would often tease me, asking if I had blessed him with a grandson yet. I would respond, ‘Mr. President, we are doing our best,'” Jeff reminisced, reflecting on the charming interactions he had with the iconic leader.

Amidst the couple’s trying ordeal, a crucial piece of advice emerged as their lifeline. A close friend recommended a medical facility in Barcelona, Spain, which ultimately proved to be their salvation.

“A dear friend informed us about a renowned clinic in Barcelona, Spain, and we decided to give it a try. Miraculously, it worked, and our son was born on July 31, 2007,” Jeff joyfully announced, his face radiating with happiness.

Jeff and his wife, Sonia, welcomed their long-awaited child into their lives just seven months after Mandela’s humorous inquiries. Overjoyed, Jeff couldn’t wait to share the good news with Mandela’s office and even proposed bringing their son for the former president’s blessings.

“I reached out to his office and said, ‘Could you please inform Madiba that we have finally been blessed with a son, who is now eight months old? We are heading back to Nairobi. Can we bring our son for Madiba to bestow his blessings upon him?'” Jeff recounted with a smile.

To their delight, their request was accepted, and the late Nelson Mandela graciously touched their son’s cheek, marking a beautiful conclusion to their challenging journey towards parenthood.