“He Is Still Recovering From Last Night” Diana Marua Claims She Overpowers Bahati Time ya “MECHI..”

Diana Marua recently shared intimate pictures of herself and her husband Bahati in bed, with both of them partially unclothed. In her post, she candidly discussed their sex life, revealing that she likes to take charge in the bedroom.

One of the photos shows Bahati sleeping with Diana holding his leg, suggesting that he had been exhausted from their previous night’s activities. Diana humorously urged her followers not to tag Bahati in the post as he was still “recovering.”

Diana’s recent social media posts have been quite suggestive, with one from last month showing her sitting seductively on Bahati’s lap. In the caption, she expressed her desire for another round of intimacy with her husband.

Overall, Diana seems unafraid to express her sexual desires and preferences on social media, providing an open and candid look into her private life with Bahati.