I caught my Boyfriend in Bed with my Own mother They didn’t Stop and Wanted me to Join them.

A MUM insists she’s grateful for the biggest betrayal in her life – when her own mother had an affair with her fiancé…. CONTINUE READING

Kylie Holgate, 35, was blindsided when she found out her other half had been romping with another woman. 

Kylie managed to forgive her mum and move on
She is closer with her mum after the betrayal
She is closer with her mum after the betrayal

But the worst part was finding out that he was cheating with her own mum, Michelle, for two and a half years. 

A decade later, Kylie, from Sheffield, is glad both ladies got rid of her ex and claims it brought them closer.

She says: “I have a relationship with my mum and it’s stronger than ever.

“I am grateful for what she did as it meant I could be free from what he put me through.


“My mum is still married to my father and their relationship is also stronger than ever.

“Forgiveness is about moving forward you can’t move forward without it.

“But forgetting is something I will never do.”

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