Stivo Simple Boy’s Wife Grace Atieno Opens Up About Seducing Him

Grace Atieno, the wife of Stivo Simple Boy, revealed that she took the initiative to express her love to the Kibera artist, as he was too shy to do so himself.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya, Grace, hailing from Taita Taveta, shared that she made the first move due to Stivo’s reserved nature. She emphasized that she wasn’t afraid to confess her feelings and played a motivational role in their budding relationship.

“I was the first one. He was shy, but I wasn’t afraid to tell him. I was the one who encouraged him,” Grace stated.

According to Grace, Stivo, known for the song ‘Mihadarati,’ was delighted when she confessed her feelings to him. However, he chose to keep it private and only shared the news with his close circle.

“He felt good. However, he didn’t tell me directly. He informed his people, and they invited me to their home to listen to their thoughts,” Grace revealed.

Their love story began years ago when they first met in Kibra. Grace reminisced about dancing in a club where a young man connected them. They bonded over a song, ‘Mihadarati,’ and their friendship eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

“We met in Made in Kibra. I was dancing, and there was a guy we were dancing with. He was the one who introduced us. There was a song he released, ‘Mihadarati.’ I couldn’t dance to the moves they were doing. Later, he released ‘I Lift You Higher.’ That’s when we got to know each other, and I’m grateful to God for that,” Grace shared.

Addressing rumors about Stivo’s alleged relationship with Pritty Vishy, Grace clarified that they were already together during that time. Despite Stivo keeping it a secret, Grace claimed to have been aware of his romantic affairs, asserting that he never cheated on her.

“Even when he was with her (Pritty Vishy), we were still together. Even though Stivo was hiding it from me, I knew everything about his romantic life. He wasn’t cheating; he was just afraid to tell me. I don’t think they had a romantic relationship,” she insisted.

Grace emphasized that her decision to date Stivo was not influenced by his fame but rather stemmed from a desire to support and motivate him. She revealed that she played a crucial role in encouraging him when he contemplated quitting music due to online insults.

“I didn’t know we would reach where we are now. There was a time he wanted to give up on music. People were insulting him because of how he looked. I was the one motivating him not to lose hope and to continue,” Grace said, adding that Stivo’s family supported their relationship despite not being widely accepted.

“To us, not many people love him, but love…” Grace trailed off, leaving the rest to the imagination.