New face of OTC: Famous green net on OTC iconic building removed -
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New face of OTC: Famous green net on OTC iconic building removed

The claims that the landmark building at Overseas Trading Company (OTC) along Ronald Ngala street in Nairobi had been opened were debunked by MURANGANEWSPAPER after a fact-check was conducted. A spot check showed that the building was still covered by the safety net, contradicting the reports that it had been removed. In addition, the construction process was found to be ongoing with paint works and internal finishes underway.

The photo that was widely shared on social media platforms was actually taken in Kampala, Uganda, where it was set up at the former location of Pioneer Mall. The building in Uganda, similar to the OTC building, is yet to be opened and has shops and restaurants that are changing the city’s landscape. The two buildings share similar characteristics, including their location in the Central Business District and the safety net that covers both buildings. The architecture of the two buildings is also quite similar, causing confusion among Nairobi residents.

According to Afrosam TV, the new building in Kampala has changed the face of the city and is a popular shopping destination. The OTC building in Nairobi, meanwhile, is known for its long construction period, taking over 10 years to complete. Despite attracting mixed reactions, the building serves as a landmark and a point of reference for newcomers to the city. It was approved after the demolition of the iconic Jack and Jill Supermarket.